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Cardiac Arrest

So, what exactly is a cardiac arrest?  There is a difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack!
In a heart attack there is usually a blockage in an artery carrying blood to the heart, commonly due to cholesterol. In a cardiac arrest the heart suddenly stops beating, commonly due to an interruption in the normal electrical activity of the heart. With a heart attack the symptoms include chest pain; a cardiac arrest causes a sudden loss of consciousness because suddenly there is no blood going to the body and brain.

Cardiac arrest is 2-3 times more common in young athletes vs. non-athletes. It is also more common in men as opposed to female athletes and more common in Black people than whites. The most common sport for this to occur is Basketball. 

When a cardiac arrest occurs, treatment needs to be immediate with the use of an AED. These should be available at most venues. Their use is surprising simple, follow the instructions that the AED is designed to give you. Please consider going to the Red Cross and learn CPR…you could save a life.