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Boyne Area Free Clinic

The Boyne Area Free Clinic is located at 624 State Street (M-75) on the northeastern portion of Boyne City. We are open every Friday from 8AM thru 4PM and see patients on a first come-first serve basis.

Funding for the Boyne Area Free Clinic is provided by donations for services, grants, charitable organizations and fund raising events.  The is a community supported, 501 (c) (3) non-profit agency and is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of members of the community.



Some History

The modern concept of the free clinic started in San Francisco in 1967, during the summer of love, when Dr. David Smith founded the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic.  The idea quickly spread to other cities and in 1972, free clinic staff from around the country gathered for a meeting and heard speakers including Dr. Smith speak about health care.  It was at this meeting that the slogan "Health Care is a Right Not a Privilage" was conceived.  This feeling is embraced now more than ever.

The Boyne Area Free Clinic was formed in 2007 to provide basic medical services to those that have no medical insurance and are ineligible for medic-care and medic-aid coverage.  Local Physician Richard Mansfield DO, saw a need to provide coverage, free of charge and without governmental, political or ideological interferences.  Dr. Mansfield felt that living and enjoying life were not two separate things but rather the coalescence of one's right as a person.

Five years later, the clinic is still open 1 day per week and sees over 40 patients each time.  This is a true free clinic.  Free of red tape and lengthy questionnaires.  The only information asked is a simple series of questions that allow us to track our success.  No proof of income required.  The Boyne Area Free Clinic operates on the honor system and while there is no charge, donations are accepted and appreciated but not openly solicited.

The services provided are basic primary care, immunization, and urgent care.  We do not provide pain management programs and offer no long term care programs.  We will refer you to a specialist for advanced care and treatment.

The Clinic is staffed by volunteers and provides services for acute non-emergent conditions and primary care services to those individuals that fall into the no-income or low income, no insurance or under insured category.

You may contact us by calling 231-582-4605 or e-mailing us at

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