Boyne Area Free Clinic

624 State Street

Boyne City, MI 49712

(231) 582-4605

Open Friday's
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" John Lennon

The Boyne Area Free Clinic offers urgent but non-emergent and primary care services.  We are a fully equipped primary care medical facility.  We provide primary care for patients and are able to diagnosis and treat most non-emergent cases.  If we are unable to accomplish this task, we will refer you to a specialist or another facility that will help you.

Currently, the clinic is capable of conducting several lab tests...

...And we're making plans for the future !

Plans for providing additional services include:




Dental screenings provide an amazing window into many ailments ranging from stomach illnesses to several forms of cancer.  Unfortunately, dental screenings are usually lower on the priority scale for most individuals and can prove to be very costly, especially for family care.



Correct vision is very important.  Correct vision allows us to move safely commute to and from obligations (employment, personal, etc.,) and provides an essential tool in enhancing recreational value to life.  Without untrammeled vision, many aspects of "quality of life" cannot be realized.  this is equally true of...



Being unable to hear the spoken word or enjoy sounds such as natural and musical is, according to many who suffer, a fate worse than losing any other sense.  Communication and enjoyment are the foundations of a well defined quality of life, and a universal definition that is easy to convey.



Being treated for an affliction is one thing, but what if we can avoid the need for the treatment because we don't have the affliction?  Many ailments that force people to seek medical help can be prevented through lifestyle changes and improvements in overall mind and body maintenance.  Surprisingly (or not) most people maintain their automobiles better than they see to the maintenance of themselves.  Exercises to reduse stress (yes, stress kills) and proper nutritional habits can, not only make you fell better, but can also contribute greatly to the family and your community of friends and co-workers.  Very simple:  That is why it is always overlooked.   And that is why we wait until we are ailing and search for complex solutions from health care providers.  In short:  we've evolved, just not well.

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